Useful Tips For Outsourcing Your Small Business Bookkeeping

Are you struggling with managing your financial books? Many small businesses like yours are. As your business grows, you cannot just do with a simple worksheet-based system, you need to move to a comprehensive, centralized bookkeeping solution that will make sure that all your accounts are up-to-date and accurate. Hiring a full-time accountant for a job that needs just a few hours per week might not be the right solution for small businesses. Many small entrepreneurs are taking advantage of outsourcing bookkeeping activities to save time, costs, and get the accounts handled professionally. But how do you go about outsourcing your bookkeeping activities?

These simple yet useful tips will go a long way in creating a huge difference to the effectiveness of outsourcing your bookkeeping tasks.

Select a feature rich accounting tool

Picking the right application is the first step. Commonness is ever available; accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, billing and a variety of other standard components are all part of any tool. What we need is feature richness like graphical reports, tool automation, interoperability, tool customization and other related activities like purchase orders, payroll management, etc. New-age accounting software like QuickBooks sets the standards for small business accounting application. It is extremely affordable, easy to use, and comes with all the features that your business can need. Major bookkeeping solution providers would have experience working on the popular accounting tools.

Get the anywhere, anytime advantage

Of course, your accounting tool must have the e-advantage as it will make outsourcing easier. In a world which is fast becoming wireless yet connected, anchoring your business on the internet is surely the way to go. And the benefits of hosting your bookkeeping tool on the internet are something which requires no mention. The greatest advantage of having a hosted solution is that your bookkeeper can work from anywhere and you can see your daily reports anytime. PricewaterhouseCoopers reports that online accounting has skyrocketed by 40% in just over the last two years as more and more SME’s realize the efficiency and cost-savings of online software. A hosted solution also ensures automatic software updates so that your tool meets the industry best practices.

The tool should be flexible to accommodate growth

Scalability is the word here. You might need few features and users right now and don’t want to spend on something that might be good for 100+ users. And on the other hand, as your business grows, your accounting tool should be ready to handle the added burden of processes, features, transactions, users, and so on. Another key aspect here is the customization readiness of your tool which will ensure easy scalability. And hence, while selecting the tool, you should make sure that it takes care of smaller needs that you have right now, and grows along with your business in future, without saddling you with high costs.

Transferring existing data to new application

One very important aspect of the process is transfer of data from your system to the bookkeeping service provider. Hosted solution makes the process simpler and transparent. It is advisable to use traceable methods of transactions like debit card, credit card, bank bill pay where the merchant information and the amount shows up on monthly statements. Such statements can be used by bookkeeper to reconcile accounts. Usage of cash should be minimized as much as possible. In places cash is used, proper receipt storage becomes crucial for IRS tracking. There are a lot of neat technologies available to scan receipts and save the receipts in the electronic format. Neatreceipts and Shoebox are few popular ones.

Experienced CPAs and bookkeepers

We still require qualified bookkeepers to get the final job done. These new-age tools cannot ignore the services of a qualified accountant. It’s their intelligence which goes along with these smart tools to bring more effectiveness and fastness to the whole accounting process. So ensure that you are dealing with not just fancy tools but also smarter and certified professionals when you outsource.

Make sure that your vendor takes security seriously

Earlier financial transactions were a closed affair, so security wasn’t a worrying factor; however with bookkeeping growing into an activity worth outsourcing, security has to be counted for. As most of these accounting tools are hosted on the internet and accessed from multiple locations, you have to make sure that your vendor has defined data security processes.

Tips For Running a Small Business

Sometimes people get tired of commuting to work, the monotonous work, and the boss. Some people get the itch to start their own business to further explore a passion that they have always had. There are plenty stories of failure-an independent bookstore that closes when a large discount chain opens up near by, the invention that is brilliant but never catches on-we’ve all heard it a hundred times. However, do not be discouraged. Starting up a business of your own is a great idea and can be extremely fulfilling.

Even in this time of economic downturn, a small business can be successful. Here is a great tips of helpful tips that can make the different between your business being a success and a failure:

· Save up-have a large amount of capital at the beginning is going to go a long way. You do not want to start with debt, because you may need to rely on loans later if you get into a hard spot. It can take a long time for money to start generating, so if you have enough money to last you for a while, it doubles the change of your business staying afloat.

· Think Cheap-when you are first beginning you do not need a huge office, you do not need a large amount of workers, you do not need the most expensive technology out there. In the beginning it is important to remember that the smaller your operation is, the smaller any mistakes or mishaps will be. Just remember, you can always expand.

· Protect yourself-sure it is your business, but if it fails, you don’t want your entire life to fail as well. As the boss you are going to be liable for everything that goes on in your company, and if you are found guilty you don’t want the court and creditors to take away your house. Figure out how to form a limited liability company.

· Always Plan Ahead-even small businesses need big plans. To get to those big plans, you need to figure everything out ahead of time. This means long hours in the office by yourself, lots of research to find the right path for your company, and making course corrections anytime something doesn’t quiet work out.

For More Information on Running a Small Business

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Some Small Business Tips You Could Make Do With

People willing to start small enterprises may get in a fix if they do not have the full information about the procedures or requirements of starting the venture. Much of this information is nevertheless available in the local libraries or from the Small Business Administration agency. One can also opt to go to small business counselors and be guided on what is required.

All the same, a few tips will do no harm to a starting entrepreneur. The first step that will ultimately lead to the creation of the enterprise is coming up with an idea on what you would like to offer to your clients. These may be goods or services. You could also choose to capitalize on a talent like painting and become a home decorator. Once the idea is in place, other things will follow, like coming up with an appropriate name for the enterprise.

You will need to come up with a plan, which will prove helpful if and when you need to seek for funding from external lenders. The plan also helps you evaluate the trend and the direction that the enterprise is taking, to determine whether it is meeting its goals. There are lots of sources of information for the details you will need to include in your write up. One of the sources is consulting the database availed in most libraries.

The next thing is to register your enterprise. The information on the charges or cost of registering are available at the center of registration. Registration gives you some form of protection in that you will never be accused of operating illegal businesses. Once you have registered, you will be issued with a license which has to be displayed on your premises.

Five Basic Seo Tips for Small Businesses to Get a Leg Up the Search Engines

With many small businesses owners having to turn towards the internet to generate leads, SEO has come to play a major role in driving targeted traffic to the owners website. Although SEO is a very powerful system of parameters, like any set of tools it is completely useless in the hands of the uninitiated. We’ve put together a few small business seo tips to help you get a leg up in the SERP.

Submit company information to Google Local

Google is the most widely used search engine across the world, with a more than 65% share of the market. Creating a Google Local profile will enable you to enter detailed information about your business, which can then be available to people searching for related information online.

Correctly write the page titles of every web page

Page titles area massive component of on-page SEO parameters. If you’re to have any chance of your small business website being found in the SERP you will have to ensure this is being done. Your page title acts as a very short summary of your web page and helps both people and search engines gauge the relevancy of your content to any search query conducted.

Optimise your website with relevant keywords

In order for Google and yahoo to deliver the most relevant content to their users you will need to write into your content, keyword phrases that are relevant. Orientating your page to specific search terms is of absolute importance if you wish to have any chance of being found by your target audience. This is a vitally important component of on-page search optimisation.

Sitemap an up-to-date sitemap to the search engines

Creating a sitemap is important and fairly stright forward. A sitemap is helps search engines to see how many pages of content you have on your website and you will be able to see how many pages the search engine has indexed. If you haven’t yet been indexed by search engines, creating and submitting a sitemap is one of the easiest ways to nudge them into evaluating your website for all the pages.

Ensure you are making use of your meta descriptions

Meta descriptions are vitally important to help search engines deliver the correct content to their users. For many pages the search engines will display a snippet of information that has keyphrases relevant to the users search query. Your meta description should be a concise summary of the content users will expect to see if they visit your page.

Hopefully these tips will help with your small business SEO endevours.