Seven Quick Web Site Success Tips For the Small Business Web Site

These web site Success Tips are for best used by entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to see solid leads from their web site, increased search engine ranking and more web site traffic.

Your small business is off the ground and you’ve just completed your basic web site. Congratulations! Now implement these basic tips for web site success and your web site will be very competitive with companies much larger and more powerful than you. There’s nothing better than stealing business from the competition. So read on and get to work!

Home Page Content

Once your web site is complete the first thing to do is make sure that have you adequate content related to your primary business on your Home Page. Be sure to write at least 3-4 paragraphs of text based content that includes multiple references to your primary business keywords.

Title Tag For Search Engine Rankings Boost

The title tag is search engine optimization technique to help your ranking on all search engines. The title tag of your Home Page should include your business name and your primary business keyword phrase (i.e. Web Site Marketing / Hurricane Marketing). Many search engines including Google are giving these tags strong review and weighting.

Keep It Simple – No Run On Pages

Make sure each page in your web site is concise and easy to read. Four to five paragraphs maximum. Web pages that run on for multiple pages send visitors away fast. If you have a lot of information to provide, place it on multiple pages or better yet ask the visitor to contact you for a free copy of your information. This way you capture their contact information and have a better chance of making a sale.

Image Quality and Size

Photographs and graphics that appear on your web site can make or break a sale. If the photos are small, blurry and take forever to load you’re only hurting your chances for a sale. Make sure images are high quality, low in file size ([email protected]). Email addresses such as AOL, Verizon, Comcast, Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc. scream “Inexperienced Small Business”. Prospects with money and experience will go the other way if they see this. Don’t be lazy – get a corporate email address.

Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

Small business owners typically come up with plans, create unique marketing strategies for entering the marketplace, manage them, and keep sales growing and moving along smoothly, but what are we missing? Are there common mistakes we don’t yet know exist that could potentially be fatal to the success of our firms?

Common Mistake #1: Giving up too Early On

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen small company owners make is simply giving up too soon. We all wish to chase after shiny new distractions as they show up, but several times, we already have everything we have to succeed, if we would only stay the course and permit enough time for our organization ideas to take hold.

It’s so essential to plan for the hard times of that 1st year or so in company, when there’s extremely small money coming in. Plan to cut corners as significantly as achievable, both with your personal and enterprise expenses, to ensure that you are able to afford to stick with it until you begin generating revenue.

Many times, it’s effortless to look back on past ideas and failures and believe, “If I had only stuck with that, I believe it could have worked.” You’ve to be willing and able to hang in there for the long haul, and so typically, it’s just too challenging for business owners to weather that first year or so.

Common Mistake #2: Not Consistently & Actively Promoting the Business

A close runner-up in fatal blind spots isn’t actively and consistently promoting the company. So many times, company owners get caught up in planning and tinkering the minor things within the business that they neglect truly going out and finding new clients or clients on a typical basis.

I was fortunate to have gotten my begin in actual estate, where you have to work under the guidance of a broker for numerous years prior to being able to go out on your own, and in the real estate industry, one of the first things you’re taught is how crucial lead generation would be to your success. I can remember my broker telling us that probably the most productive and experienced agents inside the firm still did lead generation a couple of hours a day. Of course, I had no idea what lead generation was at the time, but a minimum of the importance of it stuck with me all these years.

Part of the problem for most company owners is not knowing what to do when it comes to promoting their businesses. You will find so a lot of various tactics for marketing and promotion that it can swiftly turn out to be confusing and overwhelming. It would be far more useful for new business owners to hear that they must just pick two or three tactics for promoting their businesses, plan to stick with them for six to twelve months, and to be extremely aggressive with them for at least two hours every and every day.

Common Mistake #3: Acting Like it’s possible to DO EVERYTHING Yourself

A third blind spot most organization owners have is thinking they can do everything themselves (or thinking that they have to do everything themselves). Lack of dollars, time and even encounter can make a enterprise owner think he or she just isn’t within the position to hire help, and also the procedure of finding and building a support team can seem like a full time job on its own.

The great news is that it’s possible to inch your way into delegation by finding ways to outsource one piece of your work at a time, and in the event you do not feel you can afford a paid assistant at the beginning, begin with a couple of interns. That way, you’ll be able to slowly test the waters with a support staff, while also seeing if the interns you hire would make great permanent additions to your team.

For most of us, the thought of beginning a new enterprise is as exciting as very first learning to drive: we just wish to be given the keys, jump within the automobile, and go! Undoubtedly, there’s room for the thrill of being in control and finally going where we wish to go, but if we wish to avoid as numerous fender benders as achievable, it helps to know to look out for blind spots.

Top 5 Amazingly Simple Small Business Tax Tips That Every Freelancer Ought to Know

Ever since the economic recession hurt the world, individuals have been turning to operating freelance online. And that’s why I’m writing this article for the new small business owners.

In this text, I am going to be discussing some vital small business tax saving tips so that you won’t go crazy filing your taxes at the end of the year. Thus here are the 5 tips you would like to remember of.

1. Separate your personal and business expenses

Now that you just are a business owner, you must understand that you simply are spending money for various reasons. It might be a record keeping nightmare to co-mingle your personal and your business expenses and income. The simplest manner to try to do this is to use separate checking accounts and credit cards, one for business and one for personal.

2. Keep track of each of your receipts

When you are new to small business taxes, you may not recognize which expenses is tax deductible. When you are doubtful, save your receipts in a safe and simple to remember place, so that you can raise your tax preparer for his recommendation when year end comes.

3. Find out by yourself the tax deductible items

If you have a heap of business expenses, you’ll end up with lots of receipts. Rather than stashing them all, it’d be easier if you knew before that expenses were deductible and then save only those receipts. There’s lots of free data concerning this online.

4. Founded a system for fast bookkeeping

McDonald’s didn’t become a large fast food franchise without a system. If you wish to stay yourself sane and file your taxes as painlessly as possible, consider setting up a system to prepare your paperwork. Schedule a time each month where you key in invoices into your bookkeeping software.

5. Get a six-month Extension on your tax filing deadline

Have you ever seen anyone smile when the deadline for tax filing gets closer and closer? I’m sure you don’t need to be pulling your hair when the deadline could be a few days away. To create matters worse, that’s the one time of year that tax professionals are least obtainable for answering your questions. Need a simple resolution? If you file IRS Form 4868 you’ll be able to get an automatic 6-month extension and your NEW tax-filing deadline can be October 15, not April 15.

In conclusion, if you understand these basic tips of small business taxes and apply them, you’ll keep sane while doing all your tax filings.

10 Top Tips to Market Your Small Business and Attract New Customers Now

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, you understand the importance of marketing your business. Customers are the lifeblood of your business and you know that keeping your company and your services in front of potential clients is the only way to keep business in the pipeline. Stop filling the pipeline and eventually it runs dry.

But with all of the details that must be attended to each day like order fulfillment, new product development, staffing and record-keeping; coming up with a promotion to draw in new business can easily get pushed to the back-burner and that is were small business owners & entrepreneurs inundated with the day-to-day tasks can run into serious trouble.

Fortunately, with the combination of online and offline marketing strategies available to the small business owner today, staying in touch with previous customers and reaching out to potential customers is easier than ever. In fact it can be totally hands off with many of the services available now. Here are 10 Top Marketing Strategies you can implement right away to keep the pipeline full:

1. Send out a monthly newsletter.
2. Start a Direct Mail Campaign (postcards are quick & easy).
3. Offer an incentive for returning customers.
4. Start a loyalty program. Always give your customers an excuse to return within the next 30 days, the sooner the better.
5. Offer a punch card promotion.
6. Partner with non-competing businesses to offer a group promotion.
7. Give a talk on your topic of expertise. Or conduct a free mini-expo or clinic about a product you offer along with products for non-competing neighborhood businesses.
8. Write a press release about any events you do relative to the community. Send it out to your local newspapers.
9. Make it easy for your customers to refer you.
10. Post ads in online classifieds.

Think you do not have time for all of this? Well, you will have plenty of time if there are no customers to sell your products to. Effective marketing strategies do not have to be terribly expensive. However when implementing any worthwhile strategy., keep in mind that what you do not spend in money, you are likely to spend in time. When developing your marketing materials it is important to remember that all your customer cares about are the benefits (to him/her) so be sure to understand your strengths and communicate that to the customer at all costs. This will go a long way in making your company and its services memorable in the eyes of your customer.

Your marketing strategy directly affects the success of your business, and how well that vision is communicated to your audience is key. If these tasks seem overwhelming, consider using a professional marketing consultant and designer to help you implement a project. Doing so is a wise investment that will yield immediate results which positively impacts sales.